Network Marketing – Do I Have What it Takes to Start a Network Marketing Business?

Have you been contacted by someone that has the coolest new thing that they say you need to see and they invite you to come over to their home or check something out on the internet? Has a networker tried to sell you something?

I love it! If you said no, you do not fall for them because they are all scams, let me tell you that is two lies! Are there scams out there? YES, but there are also legitimate businesses too! Now, your saying ok, this guy wants me to get into something, and the answer is no! The reason I said you have been sold on something by a network marketer, let me show you exactly why I know you have. Maybe you even were a network marketer and you did not even think about it. Actually, if you have to think about network marketing, then you are not working with the right things.

Today, I was talking to some college students here in the heart of Texas. Most of the people I talked with said they could tell a network marketer from miles away and would never buy something they were pitching. I told them, they were good, because, I rarely spot them. So we continued to talk about the economy and how corporations need to open up more job openings to reduce the unemployment statistics. We talked about the health care system and how the government wants to have a national health care plan. Now, this is where I wanted to teach the students not to be negative about something they may not fully understand. It was along morning of our meeting and I was hungry. So I said, “Let us break for lunch, where did everyone want to go?”. I got a couple of normal responses to fast food and some of the national chain restaurants. I decided to slide a little lesson in at this time. I told everyone that my wife and I had tried out a new Italian restaurant that just opened, the prices were reasonable, maybe $7 for lunch including a beverage. I added in that my wife loved the stuffed mushrooms and Canneloni. I told them I loved the Stromboli and since I loved spicy food, I had them add Jalapenos into it and it was awesome. I told them that the deserts were also to die for. So we talked a bit more of other options and I told them, we do not have to all go to the same place! So there were 30 of us and 16 people went with me to the Italian restaurant, and the other 14 went to a Thai restaurant that a young lady suggested.

We got back after lunch and we were beginning to start our discussion back on network marketers. I asked everyone that had said that they could spot network marketers, I asked when the last time they were sold on a network marketing opportunity or at least been invited to look into a business by someone. The students were all saying it was weeks and some months. Now, I told everyone that they are walking with blinders on or they really could not tell a networker from an average Joe. Now I had their attention! I said they were marketed to in the last hour several times over.

Who were the marketers?

  1. Everyone that gave an opinion on where to eat
  2. The waiter or waitress with all the options as they sat at the table
  3. They were marketed to by my suggestions of what I liked at the italian restaurant

A network marketer is only sharing information with you to solve a Need, Want or Desire! Notice that you never saw a word in here that a network marketer is to get you into their business! Now, if you are a business owner and you are trying to increase you income, sure you need to get those people into your business. Caution when reading this, because I am not saying to be a business partner or investor in your business! At our lunch, did I bring someone into my business? No! But the day I went into the restaurant, they enrolled me into their business as a network marketer, but I would not have to pay them to be able to do it, and second, I would also not be paid for working as their network marketer! So, as a lesson to them and a lesson to my readers of my articles, everyone is a network marketer, for the good and the bad! Let me show you how I could be a network marketer for the bad. Now, our city has public health services check out restaurants to make sure they are good and clean. They get a report card rating. What If when I was at the restaurant I saw the rating and it was a C- or a D? Upon seeing that, I told my wife let us go somewhere else, and the next day when someone said they saw the restaurant was open and asked if anyone wanted to try it out? I would instantly say No we do not want to go there, it is dirty and the restaurant has a bad rating by public health services. Did I boost the business for the restaurant? No, In fact, probably triggered a few more negative network marketers on the business.

So, lesson to be learned is that we all are network marketers! Some network marketer have businesses and they market at same time. Personally, I will share with you that most of the MLM and Network Marketing companies will tell you I am wrong, and my approach would not work, but I will share with you that it does. I have done it in three separate businesses and I will continue to do it. If you are network marketing to people, and maybe I owned the restaurant…. was I looking for the students to open other restaurants in the area? No, I was getting them into the business to become a customer and to eat. As I said, I do not own the restaurant, but I would be doing my best to insure those people were happy as customers so they could go out and network market my business.

So Can You Be A Network Marketer?

The answer is YES! Anyone can be, but I will caution you, some men and some women have the outgoing spouses and sometimes they can not get a word in. It is that the spouse that is outgoing is a stronger networker that may not care what the person they are talking about thinks of them for their recommendations. They will say what they feel and will not care how others receive the information.

Now, if your already in a networking business and you are struggling, do not think that you are a bad network marketer. The question really should be, are you passionate about the products and services? If not, you are in the wrong business. Find something that makes someone money and you love and go for it. There are thousands of companies out there, select one for you!

Now, some people love the products, but the issue is they do not have enough people to talk to about it. THAT IS A LIE. There are thousands of people that would love your product, but you care too much on what the others think! Get training on how to add hundreds into your business.

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